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Silicon Beach Startup Offers Crowdsourced News

By Joshua Hunt
For immediate release

A new Silicon Beach startup aims to revolutionize the way we consume local, regional, national, and even international news. The product, Crunch Report, will facilitate real time, eyewitness reporting of newsworthy events and consolidate them into stories. By harnessing the power of crowdsourcing with clever algorithms and what the team terms "quantum triangulation," Crunch Report wants to bring an entire industry into the modern era. "This isn't a new idea," acknowledged Sammer Aly, the company's founder, "but nothing like this has been done before and it's about time somebody made it happen."

In their version of the future, reports from eyewitnesses of any newsworthy event on the planet will be easily accessible to anyone anywhere and updated in real time as new information becomes available. The biggest challenge for Crunch Report will be gaining the critical mass necessary to provide value to users. However, Aly is confident that the underlying technology will attract sufficient investment in the form of venture capital or crowd funding to get the project off the ground.

Crunch Report is ambitiously gearing up to revolutionize the spread of information and how the world stays informed. The team just launched a limited geographical demo version in Santa Monica. Those interested may download it here: Crunch Report (alpha).

Silicon Beach Startup Offers Crowdsourced News